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Title: Upstart Crow

Client: BBC Comedy / BBC 2 / BBC Worldwide

Year: 2016  – 2019

About: I art directed, designed, storyboarded and animated titles credits and establishers for all three series, (plus Christmas specials) of Ben Elton’s BBC sitcom, ‘Upstart Crow’.

Many thanks to The Bishopsgate Institute for letting me use some of their archive free of charge. Once I’d created a storyboard and layouts, I worked with super-talented Martin Davey to create new background elements. I then combined his new background artwork with original 16th-century landscapes and buildings that I’d tinkered with in Photoshop.

Lots of the characters are original Tudor woodcuts. Some I drew from scratch. Finally, I animated the lot in After Effects. A colour grade was added in the online by Rob Grainger.

  • Kate Sullivan