Title: Showreel.

Year: 2021

About: Design/Direction/Animation Reel. 

Music: Bird on the Wing by Sungazer.

Clip Info:

00.02 ‘Upstart Crow’ BBC2. Design/Animation/Storyboard.
00.06 ‘The Lingo Show’ CBeebies. Character design of all characters and ‘Bugmobile’.
00.12 ‘Google Android’ campaign (online and Times Square). Animation (boy and front row).
00.14 ‘Floogals’ Zeekay Junior. Live action direction (‘Foil’ and ‘Hamster’ episodes).
00.19 ‘The Lingo Show’ CBeebies. Character design of all characters and ‘Bugmobile’.
00.20 ‘Experian’ in-house promos. Character animation.
00.24 ‘Southend Film Festival 2021 + 22’ ident. Design/storyboard/direction/animation.
00.26 ‘Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones’ BBC Worldwide. Character animation.
00.28 ‘Bounty Hamster’ Silverfox Films/Peafur Productions/CITV. Solo location design (plus co-design of main craft).
00.33 ‘Fun To Be A Fish 3D’ Lorraine Bowen/Hacknet Attic/Duckie Vauxhaul/Brighton Komedia.
00.36 ‘Retail Therapy’ Sprint Marketing. Direction/animation/script. Design by Norm Konyu.
00.37 ‘The Armageddon Stakes’. Visuals for a lecture by journalist Misha Glenny. Design/storyboard/direction/animation.
00.41 ‘Skatoony’ Cartoon Network (3 series). Character animation.
00.47 ‘Whisper Me Happy Ever After’ Face Front Theatre. Design/storyboard/direction/animation.
00.58 ‘Jessie & Friends’ Malt Films/National Crime Agency. Animation.
01.00 ‘Mobile Phones’ Visuals for a lecture by hacktivist Jake Davis.
01.01 ‘Wand’ for, King Bee Animation/ ‘Of Dragons, Fairies and Wizards’ by toymaker, Cepia’. Character animation.
01.02 ‘Memory Lane’ part of ‘Our World Inside’ indie short by Ruth Ducker. Design/storyboard/direction (of my segment)/animation.
01.04 ‘Southend Film Festival 2021/22’ ident. Design/storyboard/direction/animation.
01.06 ‘Place 2 Be’ Children’s mental health charity / King Bee Animation. Character animation.
01.07 ‘Sleepio App’ Character animation.
01.09 World Values Day. Script, design, animation, direction.
01.10 ‘Be Original’ Arts Council-funded educational music show for children. Director and co-writer (with it’s star, Lorraine Bowen.)
01.12 ‘Walk Tall’ Award-winning short. Design/storyboard/direction/animation.
01.15 ‘Quiff & Boot’ The Brothers Mcleod/BBC Bitesize. Character animation.
01.16 ‘Bounty Hamster’ Silverfox Films/Peafur Productions/ CITV. Solo location design (plus co-design of main craft).
01.17 ‘Sleepio’ Award-winning app. Big Health. Character animation.
01.19 ‘News at Bedtime’BBC Radio 4. Design/storyboard/direction/animation.
01.23 ‘Upstart Crow’ BBC2. Design/animation/storyboard.
01.25 ‘Love Soup’ BBC2. Design/Animation/storyboard/direction.
01.30 ‘Deadringers: The Stimpsons’ BBC2. Design/animation/storyboard/direction.
01.35 ‘The Secret Life of Your Bodyclock’ Horizon, BBC2. Design/animation/storyboard/direction.
01.37 ‘Southend Film Festival 2021’ ident. Design/storyboard/direction/animation.
01.40 ‘Experian’ in-house promos. Character animation.
01.44 ‘Bounty Hamster’ Silverfox Films/Peafur Productions/CITV. Location design (plus co-design of main craft).

  • Kate Sullivan