The Stereoscopic Society

Posted: 09.11.18

Client Anim18 / Animate Projects / ACE

I was commissioned to make a micro-short by Anim18 and Animate Projects. It's one of six 'Untold Tales'

The film is a snapshot of our stereo photography club, made by myself and fellow members.

The Stereoscopic Society by Kate Sullivan from Animate Projects on Vimeo.


It's currently screening at Derby Quad in the Anim18 VR gallery.

More 3D exploits coming soon. For now, here's a tiny bit of non-filmmaking specific waffle.

And here are a couple of projects with similar themes.

Upstart Crow

Posted: 01.09.18

Client: BBC Comedy


I art directed, designed, storyboarded, and animated a title sequence, end credits and establishing shots for three series of Ben Elton's BBC sitcom 'Upstart Crow'.

More info and clips here



Posted: 09.11.18

Client: Fane Productions / Misha Glenny

I have not created animated titles and establishers for 'McMafia' (BBC1).
I have created three animations for Misha Glenny's one-man live show 'McMafia', (Ed Fringe + UK tour).

The films are designed to be narrated live by Misha Glenny.

More about the show: Journalist and author Misha Glenny has spent years courageously investigating the most dangerous and sophisticated organised crime networks around the world.

His international bestseller McMafia, now a hit BBC TV series, is known to millions and in this illuminating talk, Glenny sheds further light on the Russian mafia, giant drug cartels, corrupt intelligence agencies and cyber hackers that pose an increasing threat to global security in the 21st century.