The Honourable Woman

My pre-school CBeebies character designs turned up on The Honourable Woman the other week. Here's (spoiler alert) ThE MuRdErEr watching them. *Manic Smile*


Local Rag

I wrote and photoshopped a photo-story for this magazine published by Backpassage Tours. It's available to buy at our live events and in The Brick Lane Bookshop.

Please excuse the typos. I actually ended up designing and laying out the whole magazine in InDesign. Luckily one of our troupe, Sarah Wise, used to work in magazine publishing and so was able to give me a few pointers.

Anyway, I'll upload some stills when I get a chance. I'm proud of the artwork - if not the leading and kerning!

Concrete Gym Mats


Photo by dad.

Oh well We haven't made the Bafta shortlist.

The film was very much liked by the panel but unfortunately the jury had to rule that it's just not a fiction film and so cannot go any further in the process.

(There's no short documentary category but there is a drama-doc loophole in the fiction one. As it was a highly stylised treatment of a story I hoped it it might just make it through)

Happily George wasn't too disappointed personally. He laughed and said he didn't mind me telling the powers that be that the film is fictional - because he made it all up.

Best headline EVER / must've been a very slow week day in Alveston / can't believe they printed my silly joke about trying to enter it into a different category.

And because I'm told that this website is supposed to be all about me showing off and not just me having a good old laugh at myself - here's some links to some very nice national press about the film - including a review in the Telegraph

The Matt Lucas Awards

I've just started work on a really fun job - a tiny bit of animation for the title sequence designed and directed by Mal Hartley.