Tony Pritchett


I'm making an animated film about British Computer pioneer Tony Pritchett. In 1967 Tony created Britain's first piece of computer animation using an Atlas super computer, a nuclear fusion research lab and a squeaky office chair. Top bloke.

More info coming soon.


UNICA 2018

I'm working on a life action/animated project about amateur film clubs.

Filming began at UNICA 18, and I'm extremely grateful to all the filmmakers who are working with me.

Special thanks also to UNICA committee members, especially Dave and Jan Watterson and Franka Stas.



World Values Day 2018

World Values Day 2018 from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

wrote/made this film for The Human Values Foundation. Hope you like!

Narrator: Karina Townsend
Sound Design: Cerys Hogg.


Be Original  - With Lorraine Bowen


I directed this lo-fi, lo-budget, highly praised show starring Lorraine Bowen.
I also designed the poster and very quickly made the little trailer.


The Honourable Woman

My CBeebies character designs turned up on The Honourable Woman the other week.
SPOILER: Here's the murderer watching them.

East End Backpassages



I designed this beermat/flyer for a pub-themed sell-out site-specific musical history show in the maze of derelict rooms underneath Shoreditch Town Hall.

I also wrote and performed some stuff.
We've done quite a few site-specific shows over the years. Usually my role is createing films, projections and other visuals.

Above: I created a film which was integrated into a live performance (Christchurch Spitalfields' Crypt).

Above: A still taken at a show in Shoreditch Church.
I created visuals used as part of a live Hitchcock-themed performance.

Concrete Gym Mats





Oh well, we haven't made the Bafta shortlist.

The film was very much liked by the panel but unfortunately, the jury had to rule that it's just not a fiction film and so cannot go any further in the process.
(There's no short documentary category)

Star of the film, 90 year old George the gymnast wasn't too disappointed. He said he didn't mind me telling the powers that be that the film is fictional - because he made it all up.