Angel Eye

May 2013

I've been working on a pitch with Angel Eye, (BBC Learning series), creating lots of hand drawn doodley artwork. I've also had the opportunity to contribute lots ideas-wise, which is always nice.
End result is a proposal for a show that I'd actually really, really like to work on...

So far we're through to the second commissioning round - so fingers crossed.

Ella Spira

May 2013

Here's a showreel that I edited for  Ella Spira - who I reckon you should go and hire right now.

It was an interesting job - in that I had to put sound before picture - which is really quite a tough thing to do - but I managed it - and apparently Ella loves it - so I'm obviously v. chuffed.

The People Have Spoken

April 2013

Somehow or other we seem to have been elected as a member of the Apex Arts board. We hope we'll have time to contribute lots - and hopefully get a tiny bit of arts funding oneself...


Bin Weevils

I recently spent a few months (Sept 2012 - April 2013) working as a designer/animator on the two time BAFTA award winning computer game Bin Weevils.
Recent work include design of a much clicked-on new homepage and a re-skin of the infamous "Weevil Changer". So far my stuff seems to have gone down well with the kids, which is obviously very lovely to know!

NB. Lead designer Andrew Alder designed the buttons.

This Season's Must Have Accessory

(Christmas 2012)

East End Backpassages is now available in Joy, (Brick Lane branch) as well as...

The Tate Modern, The Whitechapel Gallery, The Brick Lane Bookshop, Rough Trade Records (East) and Amazon!


I've been a big fan of 3D for many, many years. A couple of years back I started tinkering around with a digital 3D camera, taking snaps and making anaglyph videos.

There are lots of reasons that I like 3D, and at some point I'm going to put aside some time to jot a few down - but for now I just wanted to share this with you. Finally I have the means to make my own Viewmaster reels! Oh happy day.

Here's the camera I'm borrowing

The original VM reels were actually shot on medium format - but I've seen what this camera can do (it uses 35mm slide film) and it aint half bad!

Here's Paul Tivy about to kindly lend it to me. First Site Gallery in Colchester seemed like the right sort of place to hand over such a contraption!

Film News

The adventures of me & my wee short film continue.

Click here for the latest installment

Amused Moose

Amused Moose sketch/impro course with Elliot Tiney (Idiots of Ants)


I thought I'd go on a nice little sketch writing/directing course.

Unfortunately for me I also have to perform stuff too in front of an actual real-life audience at the Etcetera Theatre, Camden. I wont be telling you when, but it's soon - horribly soon.

Concrete Gym Mats

Photo by dad.

Oh well We haven't made the Bafta shortlist.

The film was very much liked by the panel but unfortunately the jury had to rule that it's just not a fiction film and so cannot go any further in the process.

(There's no short documentary category but there is a drama-doc loophole in the fiction one. As it was a highly stylised treatment of a story I hoped it it might just make it through)

Happily George wasn't too disappointed personally. He laughed and said he didn't mind me telling the powers that be that the film is fictional - because he made it all up.

Best headline EVER / must've been a very slow week day in Alveston / can't believe they printed my silly joke about trying to enter it into a different category.

And because I'm told that this website is supposed to be all about me showing off and not just me having a good old laugh at myself - here's some links to some very nice national press about the film - including a review in the Telegraph

Walk Tall Makes Bafta Longlist for Best Short!

With hope in our hearts and wings on our heels - We've made the BAFTA longlist for best short!

Big huge Olympic-sized thank yous to everyone who helped make this possible.

In January we find out made the final five...

The Matt Lucas Awards

I've just started work on a really fun job - a tiny bit of animation for the title sequence designed and directed by Mal Hartley.

Quiff & Boot wins a Bafta!

Quiff & Boot won a Children's Award for Primary Learning this week.

Cheers to The Bros McLeod - who nominated the production team - so I sort of can claim to have won a BAFTA - sort of- ish!

(I animated an episode on my todd which you can watch here)

Walk Tall on Tour

My photo of Lorraine's keyboard stand.

Walk Tall's first gig post London Film Festival.
I'm so proud to be working alongside Lorraine Bowen.

55th BFI Film Festival

Walk Tall is being screened at the 55th BFI London Film Festival.

It's one of eight films in Film London's "London Calling" programme:

"A selection of recent shorts from some of the capital's most exciting new filmmakers, supported by Film London's production schemes".

Many thanks to everyone that made the film possible.


Kato (2009)

In have had the honour of writing alongside Alan Gilbey on a pilot for a new kids' cartoon show, based on the popular game Mini Ninjas. To be fair Alan did the lions share - I mostly just worked out the action sequences.

Millimages (2009)

A cartoon show which Alan and I created has been optioned by Millimages.