More info coming soon.

Brittany 1

Above/below: Work in progress includes a short featuring the Carnac menhirs, cross-cut with their fibre-glass likenesses on a neighboring Eurocamp miniature golf course. More info coming soon.

More info coming soon.

Brittany 2

More info coming soon.

Brittany 3

More info coming soon.

Congratulations Zoey!

Okay - so this post is sort of me showing off about being a mentor at Central St. Martins on the MA Character Animation Course. It is also a shout out to my mentee Zoey Zhao who's graduation film was selected for prestigious NAHEMI Screening at Encounters Animation Festival.

OCD-Short Animation (Trailer) from ZoeyZhaoZ on Vimeo.

East End Backpassages





In December 2014 I designed this beermat-themed flyer for a pub-themed sell-out site-specific musical history show in the maze of derelict rooms underneath Shoreditch Town Hall.

I also wrote and performed a monologue. More info coming soon. For now please see here.

The show was part of Spitalfileds Music Winter Festival.
We've done quite a few shows with them over the years. Usually I don't write and perform - I create films, projections and other visuals.

Above: In this show (in Christchurch Spitalfields' crypt) I created a film full of images that have come to represent the East End of London. This was projected and integrated into a live performance.

Above: A still taken at a show in Shoreditch Church. I created visuals used as part of a live lo-fi Hitchcock-themed performance. The visuals were created using cardboard silhouettes and a Maglite.

Christchurch Spitalfields Crypt

Shoreditch Church

Bishopsgate Institute

Above: another beermat-themed flyer . This one was co-designed with Cerys Hogg.
The shows were a real success. Here's a link to some blurb
about them.

East End Backpassages The Book

East End Backpassages - the book is on its second print-run and is available in the likes of Foyles, The Whitechapel Gallery and The Tate Modern. It includes my photos and photo-montages.
(Am assuming this means that I'm allowed to claim that my work's in The Tate.)

Photos of our book launch at Rough Trade





I'm about to embark on a trip to the Isle of Arran.

I'm taking a 16mm Bolex with me.
Here's a quick test I filmed (off a Steenbeck screen onto an Iphone so please excuse the quality).
The film was shot and hand-processed in about an hour thanks to James Holocombe's knowledge of chemistry!
He showed me how to mix traditional chemicals and also Caffenol. More details under the Youtube film.

More info coming soon.

The Chalkwell Ladies

Writer (with Karina Townsend and Lorraine Bowen) of 4 X 10 min radio comedy scripts based on Lorraine and Karina's Chalkwell Ladies Drum & Bass League hilarious cabaret show.

The show was recorded on the 8th June 12014, in front of a live audience at the Marlborough Theatre, Brighton.





The Honourable Woman

My pre-school CBeebies character designs turned up on The Honourable Woman the other week. Here's (spoiler alert) ThE MuRdErEr watching them. *Manic Smile*


It Is Rocket Science

It Is Rocket Science from kate sullivan on Vimeo.

I was asked to create an animation to help promote Helen Keen's radio show, It Is Rocket Science. Gareth the producer, Helen and her writing partner Miriam Underhill liked it which made me very happy!

Local Rag


I wrote and photoshopped a photo-story for this magazine published by Backpassage Tours. It's available to buy at our live events and in The Brick Lane Bookshop.

Please excuse the typos. I actually ended up designing and laying out the whole magazine in InDesign. Luckily one of our troupe, Sarah Wise, used to work in magazine publishing and so was able to give me a few pointers.

Anyway, I'll upload some stills when I get a chance. I'm proud of the artwork - if not the leading and kerning!

(Top Secret) After Effects Character Animation

I did some very good work with some folks a while back - but it was for an in-house project and we are not allowed to post it online as it stars members of the general public/their staff. Please get in touch if you would like to see the animation and find out who did what. I'm really proud of it! Such a shame we can't shout it from the rooftops!

Concrete Gym Mats


Photo by dad.

Oh well We haven't made the Bafta shortlist.

The film was very much liked by the panel but unfortunately the jury had to rule that it's just not a fiction film and so cannot go any further in the process.

(There's no short documentary category but there is a drama-doc loophole in the fiction one. As it was a highly stylised treatment of a story I hoped it it might just make it through)

Happily George wasn't too disappointed personally. He laughed and said he didn't mind me telling the powers that be that the film is fictional - because he made it all up.

Best headline EVER / must've been a very slow week day in Alveston / can't believe they printed my silly joke about trying to enter it into a different category.

And because I'm told that this website is supposed to be all about me showing off and not just me having a good old laugh at myself - here's some links to some very nice national press about the film - including a review in the Telegraph

The Matt Lucas Awards

I've just started work on a really fun job - a tiny bit of animation for the title sequence designed and directed by Mal Hartley.