Title: Lockdown Film For A Friend

Client: UNICA pals

Year: 2020

About: A zero budget film for a friend, (Dave Watterson) retiring from his post as president of UNICA (Union Internationale du CinĂ©ma). Dave missed his official send of since the festival didn’t run this year due to Covid. This isn’t my best work but am posting is as and example of getting a small project involving quite a few folks done in a very short amount of time. The film was intended as a surprise for Dave, but really it’s sort of for all our UNICA festival friends, that are missing meeting up this year.

VOs at end by several of Dave’s friends. Many thanks to them for sending me stuff and such short notice. The narration is by Dave’s wife, Jan, who also read a version in English and a version in German. I’m posting the French version here, since everything is better in French.

Ahhhh. UNICA is such a lovely thing. Dave introduced me to the wonderful world of amateur filmmaking. Thanks Dave.

  • Kate Sullivan